Haecceity 1.2.0

Dimensions (H x W): 24" x 26"
Media: Mixed
Date of Completion: 2009
Frame or Base: German Silver

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Haecceity 1.2.0 has no absolute beginning and no absolute ending. That being the case, each particular beginning, and each particular ending, is contingently determined in relation to the individual choice of which this Haecceity is designed to take advantage. Any shortest version of Haecceity 1.2.0, whether beginning with everything, anything, or something, can be extended by repeating the language and/or anything that is now (         ) to be something other than everything any number of times. Accordingly, Haecceity 1.2.0 is an infinite artwork, at least in theory, even if it will not prove to be so as a matter of historical fact. The language of Haecceity 1.2.0 provides for limitless possibilities that remain permanently open, as each extension of the language is indexed to the understanding in which it is extended at the time at which the extension occurs. The permanent openness of the possibilities of this Haecceity can be thought to be reflected in the stable emptiness of the negative space of the parentheses—the parentheses that represent the absence of the term required to complete and understand the possibility of that conceptual expanse.” – Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction

For additional commentary on Haecceity 1.2.0 see Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction.