Haecceity Sequence 4

From the Haecceities Series

The specifications of the fourth sequence of the Haecceities series are written to investigate ways of singling out Essentially the event of apprehension on which singling out depends; of singling out what is understood in an act of apprehension; and of singling out things that are determined in relation to an event of apprehension.

Questions germane to the preceding points include: i) What Essentialist reasons will dictate how anything of any of the kinds of thing to be investigated are to be singled out and why they are to be singled out? ii) How should actual events of awareness figure in exploring these interrelated matters? iii) Can possible acts of awareness be singled out within an Essentialist framework in addition to actual ones? If so, how are they to be so singled out, and how are they to function, given the Essentialist concerns with limits of Abstraction and kinds of radical identity? iv) To which objects are specified events of apprehension to be directed in order to conform to the concerns of Essentialism, and how is this to be accomplished? v) The term ‘apprehension’ can be understood to pertain to the act of perceiving or comprehending something, as well as to the result of apprehending mentally. Given that this is the case, how can the notion of apprehension be profitably used in relation to what is seen and what is understood in attending to the language and structure of an Essentialist perceptual object? – Essentialism and Its Objects: Identity and Abstraction in Language, Thought, and Action. (Publication forthcoming. Jeffrey Strayer, 2019.)

On what is meant by the space of apprehension and the field of understanding, their relation to one another, and their importance to Essentialism see “The Space of Apprehension and the Field of Understanding” under Relevant Material. And for a considerably more detailed consideration of these things see Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction.

For further on the fourth sequence, and certain of its members, see Essentialism and Its Objects: Identity and Abstraction in Language, Thought, and Action (forthcoming).