Haecceity 1.1.0

Dimensions (H x W): 17-3/8" x 19"
Media: Mixed
Date of Completion: 2009
Frame or Base: Maple

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The next step beyond singling out nothing, or something, or everything “would seem to be to single something out in such a way that what is singled out is linked to an act in which it is . . . identified as something that then depends on the act in which it is identified.” A ‘deductive specification,’ as I am using the term ‘deductive,’ must be completed by a word or words that must be inferred to complete it. “Haecceity 1.1.0 is a deductive specification written to specify an entity whose identity depends on its being identified as something indexed to a current act of identifying it as something then identified.” That something can be understood to be the word identified when that word is identified as the word that completes the specifying language. And the consciously completed language can be understood to single itself out as something now identified at any present moment at which that identification occurs. Both quotes are from Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction.

For additional commentary on Haecceity 1.1.0 see Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction.