Haecceity 1.0.0

Dimensions (H x W): 8.3" x 10.9"
Media: Mixed
Date of Completion: 2009
Frame or Base: Maple

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Any circular specification in the Haecceities series must end with the repetition of the word or words with which it begins. Haecceity 1.0.0 begins and ends with the word everything, as the two words other than are read between each reading of everything. The simplest reading of this Haecceity is everything other than everything, which can be understood to single out nothing, as there is nothing other than everything. Another way to read the language is everything other than everything other than everything which can be understood to single out everything as that which is everything other than nothing. Thus, the same words can figure in singling out either nothing or everything as all or part of the work of art that is titled Haecceity 1.0.0. Longer readings of the language that result from adding everything other than to a previous shorter version will also single out nothing or everything. How the language everything other than everything can be understood to single out something in addition to nothing is stated in Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction. Relationships that hold between the language of Haecceity 1.0.0 and the perceptual object that partially consists of it are also examined in that book, where the use of the loupes in the perceptual object pictured is also explored.

For additional commentary on Haecceity 1.0.0 see Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction.